Mo Lou Por ! (Aka Lou)

  • Age


  • Weight

    close to 2000kg




    First brought to sanctuary for medical treatment and later retired.

Lou, whose Karen name is Mo Lou Por (which means Cotton in the karen language) is our smallest resident at Elephant Valley Thailand and is Maddys newest and bestest friend (ever).

As a small fiesty, high energy female elephant she can get easily be spooked by loud noises which causes her to run away. Her stay here is allowing her to rediscover a little of her lost childhood and she spends much playing and exploring.  It can get quite exciting with Lou is around!

Her favorite food is by far…..bananas…… so if you are going to visit then make sure you bring some along so you can feed to her, her favorite treat, at the end of the day.

Come for a visit and say hello to her yourself!