Ever dreamed of falling asleep listening to the purrs and trumpets of real elephants? Want to eat breakfast and watch a herd of elephants cruise by on their morning walk? Ever wanted to play a game of pool and drink a cold beer while seeing elephants dust themselves and discuss whats for dinner? Well we did…. and so we went and built it. We planted lawns and gardens, wrapped a big elephant proof fence around an old farmhouse and renovated the whole thing.

Our homestay is certainly unique and a total delight for all elephant lovers big and small! Ideal for groups of all sizes we have double, twin and dorm rooms available everyday of the year. Along with this we also have different activities for guests to do such as elephant walks and talks, volunteer work that  gets you involved with our staff and the elephants feeding, to just sitting, relaxing in our garden and having some total chill time now you are on holiday and away from work!

At our homestay you get to be surrounded 360 degrees, by elephants and their beautiful habitat.  We have worked hard since 2016 to develop an incredibly unique oasis where elephants and people can co exist and live peaceful and relaxing lifes.

Our unique sanctuary design means that you can watch elephants while you sit in bed and listen to them purr and trumpet night and day.

Bookings can be made by emailing our team at

Overnight packages start from just 2400 baht ($72 usd) (per person) and includes a half day visit program, overnight stay, 3 delicious meals and transportation to and from Chiang Rai.

If you wish to stay longer then we are happy to tailor-make a stay around your schedule and budget so please get in contact to ask us for more details. Please tell us what you would like to do because we also have a lovely little range of tours available so you can use our guesthouse as a base and travel out to the sites of interest in Chiang Rai and return to the elephant valley for more relaxing elephant time.