Once you have made a booking with EVT, you can be assured that your visit to us will not harm the elephants and that your money will go to benefit elephant welfare and conservation efforts.

Both of our elephant sanctuaries practice some of the highest ethical animal welfare and care standards in South East Asia.


Please phone, email or visit us @



EVT @Chiang Rai City Centre (8am -9pm)

for more info or to book


  • Visit Options

    We have various visit choices for nature lovers of all ages from 2 hours to 2 weeks+.  You can visit us for a half or full day or if you are not in a hurry, stay for as long as you want in our renovated, dorm-style, homestay.

    All options are all inclusive and feature the following :

    • Pick up at 8.30am or 11.45 am from your accommodation or our city center shop.
    • Full morning OR afternoon experiences with the elephants observing them roaming in the grass fields and forest and just being….well…. real elephants!
    • Opportunity to feed the elephants their daily supplement of bananas or banana trees.
    • Lots of time to relax in our calm and tranquil sanctuary and take some amazing photos.
    • Incredible learning experience for those who want to know more about what our elephants are up to.
    • Delicious Northern Thai style lunch that we can cater to your taste (vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian/flexitarian/gluten free and specific foods can be provided and all standard allergies can me catered for), so let us know what you would like to eat !
    • Drop off before 2pm/5.00pm at the location of your choice : White Temple, Chiang Rai Night Marketbus station (1 and 2), your accommodation or even the Chiang Rai Airport (2pm/5.30pm) can be provided.
  • ELEPHANT LOVERS (Half Day Program)

    1,600 THB

    Spend either a morning or afternoon with the elephants. Enjoy following, photographing and even

    feeding these majestic creatures as they get to enjoy being elephants again.

    We have various idyllic elephant habitats including bamboo groves, forest, grass lands

    This tour is ideal for those who are in a rush and have limited time in Chiang Rai. This popular half day tour comes with lunch and drinks included as well as city center pick-up and drop off. Departures from the sanctuary are typically at 1 pm after lunch or after 4.30pm. Contact our team to find out more.


    *NEW – NOVEMBER 2019 


    This is a fantastic opportunity to be one of the first visitors to experience our newly created Elephant Valley Safari experience.  We have been busy developing 460 acres of prime elephant habitat in addition to the 40 acres at our nearby sanctuary. After years of planning, research, development and reforestation, we moved the first elephant to this incredible new habitat on November 19, 2019 and the second one month later.  This is now the single largest dedicated area for rescued elephants in Thailand and we are very excited to welcome you to visit.

    With this option, you will first enjoy a half day at the sanctuary as described in the ELEPHANT LOVERS program above.  Then rather than returning to town we will whisk you through the beautiful northern Thai countryside to the new safari habitat to witness this amazing endeavor.

    This is a truly unique experience in the region with nowhere else giving elephants such a space to be themselves.

    As we are still developing the safari experience, we have a special whole day price of just 2200 THB. All feedback is warmly welcomed so we can make it a great a place to visit as well as a great place for elephants to live.

    Contact our team to find out more


    2000 THB

    Experience ELEPHANT LOVERS tour in the morning and after lunch learn what it’s like to volunteer at the sanctuary by helping out onsite with a possible assortment of activities. Every week we need help with different projects that are underway and in the general running of the sanctuary. Activities vary from planting and growing ele food, removing weeds the elephants dont eat, scrubbing water tanks and disinfecting surfaces to cutting elephant food to helping out with the latest construction projects. Often though our team of fantastic staff just generally need a hand with whatever we are doing behind the scenes to make our place even more awesome for elephants!

    Be prepared to get sweaty and dirty, so bring a long sleeve shirt, sturdy shoes, sunscreen and insect repellent and prepare for a really enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Please check out the video below to get an idea about whats involved or if you are using a phone click on this LINK

    Please note that this is entirely optional and if after an hour or two you want to stop and go back to watching elephants with one of guides that completely okay too! The elephants are after all simply awesome.


    1000 THB Per Person

    Ideal for those in a rush but still want to experience the magic. Enjoy 90 minutes at the sanctuary, watching and learning about our elephants as well as feeding them. Pick-up is from our city centre shop (only) at 2.30pm and this option does not include lunch.

  • Overnight Options

    1000 THB/per night (all inclusive)

    Our homestay opened in 2017 and is unique to the area.

    We worked very hard to renovate an old farmhouse on the property and have surrounded it with several acres of beautiful gardens and big strong elephant proof fence. Each room has views of the elephants as they walk past not to mention a plethora of wildlife that comes and goes. Each room has a few comfy beds, fans, mosquito nets and WIFI. The bathrooms are shared and have western toilets and hot showers. If you want to escape the city and spend a few days living with elephants then this is the perfect option for you. It’s not 5 star but it is clean, practical, incredibly peaceful and the only place you can listen to elephants trumpet to each other in the small hours of the morning.

    All overnight stays include meals while on site and transfers within the Chiang Rai Area.

    Please contact us for more details and availability and to enquire more about which optional package is best for you.